Dear Nation Builder Family (Parents and Students)


We have witnessed in the recent past that School website is the most effective tool of communication with you all. I really feel fortunate and privileged to work with such dedicated, innovative and caring staff members. Our each day spent with you all gives us new experiences and at times it becomes a learning process thus making our institution a better place to work with.

In this premises, where imparting education to students is not only worshipped but it is being used as a tool to polish tiny toddlers to face the most difficult world of future. Our curriculum and practices are the best in town, meeting all the standards laid by the state authorities. Our development has gone a long way and has been very significant with the technology used in the class rooms to discover the best talent of all individuals.  Our school is equipped with the best sports,  music, clubs, personality workshop facitilies, thus making our students brighter and smarter. Most of our students are involved in extra curricular activities, making them aware of challenges of life which they can learn through nurturing environment.

At BVPS campus academics being our primary focus with never say die spirit entrenched in the heart of every child not only making them good learners but excellent human beings also. This is a temple of worship where education is imbibed with values and ethics.  We have created this school as nursery where future eloquent leaders, entrepreneur’s, doctors and engineers are created.

We strongly believe in the teacher- parent association for the 360 degree development of the students  giving them access  to our interactive website  where they can retrieve pertinent information of their respective children academic records.  The prestige and credits  which we have earned in the recent past, you deserve all the accolades which has helped us to hold our head high in the society.

We look forward for your partnership in enhancing the image of  education  standards we possess. Our literacy mission is not only limited to urban population but we prefer to go to the nearby villages also to improve the education standards. This will certainly be a great step in fostering the image of educated India.


Rekha  Bajaj