Fit India Movement

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body!

Modern day life has brought along with it the need to be more physically active and fit ; specially for the younger generation, so that they face its challenges with optimum energy and positivity. fit children are able to handle day to day physical and emotional challenges better.
However for a holistic and instrinsically healthy lifestyle, awareness and support for fitness movement is more essential than ever.
The School has taken an initiative and its best practices related to innovations in pedagogy.We have adopted 21st century learning skills experiential and active learning, integration of co- curricular areas such as arts, sports skills, life skills and values in main subjects and classroom teachings.
This podcast will display various efforts made by School for the holistic development of the students in Bal Vikas Progressive School Panipat.

    Day 1 (Yoga & Nutrition Activities)


    Day 2 (Free hands Exercise & Mental Fitness Activities)


    Day 3 (Fitness Assessment & Poster Making Competition)


    Day 4 (Outdoor & Indoor Activities)


    Day 5 (Fitness / Sports Quiz)