Fee Structure for the Session 2020-21

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Fee Structure During Lockdown

(# No Development,Snacks and Transport Charges During Lockdown.)
     Monthly Fee
  Class   For Student   For Sibling   For Rural Area
  P Nur-KG   4460/-   3350/-   3570/-
  I-V   4810/-   3650/-   3850
  VI-VIII   5260/-   3940/-   4210/-
  IX-X   5560/-   4170/-   4450/-
  XI-XII   5890/-   4420/-   4710/-

1) School fee is payable through online.
    b. The student will type Registration Number in the respective field.
    c. After login student has to select their fees as per Category and click on Continue and Pay.
    d. After successful payment, the student can download the fee receipt
2) It is to be paid by the 10th of the Second month of each quarter. School will accept fee with a fine of
   Rs 50/- upto the 20th of the month.Thereafter a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged. If the due date
   happens to be a holiday, the fee should be paid on the next working day.
3) Late fee with fine will be collected in the school accounts office after the due date.
4) Snacks and Transport are optional. A week's notice in writing before starting a quarter is required to
   discontinue snacks or the use of school transport.
5) Students will not be allowed to take the school examination until all dues are paid.
6) If a student remains absent for more than a week without any intimation, his/her name will be struck off
   and re-admission granted only after depositing Rs 500/-

* Fee is subject to a raise of 15% to 20% every year.

Due Dates for Each Quarter is as under:

        Due Date
  1   First Quarter    
  a   First Period   April   25th April
  b   Second Period   May – June   10th June
  2   Second Quarter   July – September   10th August
  3   Third Quarter   October - December   10th November
  4   Fourth Quarter   January - March   10th February


For New Admission:
1   Registration Fee   1000/-
2   Admission Fee   10100/-
3   Development Fund   5000/-
4   Caution Money (Refundable)   2500/-
 5   Class   Monthly Fee
  a.   Pre Nursery to KG   Rs 4910/-
  b.   Classes I to V   Rs 5290/-
  c.   Classes VI to VIII   Rs 5790/-
  d.   Classes  IX to X   Rs 6120/-
  e.   Classes XI to XII   Rs 6480/-

A. Fee For Existing Students:
    Class   Monthly Fee       Development Fund
  1   Pre Nursery to KG   Rs 4910/-   Rs 5000/-
  2   Classes I to V   Rs 5290/-   Rs 5000/-
  3   Classes VI to VIII   Rs 5790/-   Rs 5000/-
  4   Classes  IX to X   Rs 6120/-   Rs 5000/-
  5   Classes XI to XII   Rs 6480/-   Rs 5000/-

Fee For Sibling- No development fund & 25% Rebate on Monthly Fee:
    Class   Monthly Fee
(25% Rebate)
      Development Fund
  1   Pre Nursery to KG   Rs 3680/-   -
  2   Classes I to V   Rs 3970/-   -
  3   Classes VI to VIII   Rs 4340/-   -
  4   Classes  IX to X   Rs 4590/-   -
  5   Classes XI to XII   Rs 4860/-   -

B. Fee For Rural Area Student - 20% Rebate on Monthly Fee:
    Class   Monthly Fee
(20% Rebate)
      Development Fund
  1   Pre Nursery to KG   Rs 3930/-   Rs 5000/-
  2   Classes I to V   Rs 4230/-   Rs 5000/-
  3   Classes VI to VIII   Rs 4630/-   Rs 5000/-
  4   Classes  IX to X   Rs 4900/-   Rs 5000/-
  5   Classes XI to XII   Rs 5180/-   Rs 5000/-

Optional Fee :

Snacks Fee Per Month
Transport Fee  
  Apr-June (per month) July-March (Per month)
Industrial Area , Model Town
& 8-Marla
1600/- 1620/-
Transport General 1690/- 1710/-
Shodapur &Jattol Village 1100/- 1120/-
ELDECO 2060/- 2080/-
Safidon 2750/- 2770/-


1. No admission fee will be charged from meritorious students who get 90% in the entrance test.

2. No admission fee will be charged from the students seeking admission to Pre Nursery to I.

3. If a student seeking admission in school has a sibling already studying in school then 50% concession will
be granted in admission.

4.If 2 sibling seek admission in school then full admission fee will be charged from one students & 50 % concession will be granted to other sibling.

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Pay Fee online 2020-21 (For existing Students , click here)