Student Handbook


Summer Timings Winter Timings
Class P Nursery to II - 8:45 AM to 12:45 PM
Class III to X - 7:30 AM to 2:10 PM
Class XI to XII - 7:30 AM to 12:45 PM
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Class P Nursery to II - 9:45 AM to 12:55 PM
Class III to X - 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Class XI to XII - 8:30 AM to 12:55 PM
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Phone Numbers: 9416012268, 9896432268


  • All students are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after each vacation.
  • The following students may be sent home:
    a) those who come late.
    b) those without school diaries, school books or exercise books;
    c) those who are not in proper uniform;
    d) those who do not get diaries, remarks, report cards etc. signed by their parents.
  • The students must be in school well in time for the Assembly.
  • Habitual late coming, irregular attendance, unexplained or unjustified absence for more than 5 working days, dishonesty and theft will be severely dealt with.
  • No monetary collection for any purpose may be made in the school without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Students are forbidden to give gifts. Neither parties, nor gift presentations by students or parents on birthdays of students are allowed.
  • Students are required to behave with dignity and treat all members of staff, students and visitors with respect and courtesy, at all times. Disrespect to staff and others may result in serious disciplinary action.
  • Students are to obey promptly the instruction of all teachers and staff as well as student leaders who assist in maintaining proper standards of behavior and discipline.
  • Students are to obey promptly the instruction of all teachers and staff as well as student leaders who assist in maintaining proper standards of behavior and discipline.
  • Students are to obey promptly the instruction of all teachers and staff as well as student leaders who assist in maintaining proper standards of behavior and discipline.
  • Students should come with notebooks and text books, as required on a day-to-day basis. All home assignments and projects given to students should be complete in every respect by the specified dates.
  • Students are responsible to school authorities for their conduct not only in the School but also for their general behaviour outside. Any report or observed objectionable conduct outside the School on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action. It is expected that through their good behaviour they enhance the prestige of the School.
  • A student involved in any incident even outside the School which brings discredit to the institution either because of unpleasant nature of inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court, will be dismissed from school without further enquiry.
  • Any student caught driving a vehicle other than a bicycle in school uniform without a driving license will be heavily fined.
  • Any student found travelling at odd hours with fellow students in a motorized vehicle without parent’s permission and or without a proper valid license will be liable to disciplinary action, if this is brought to the notice of the school authorities.
  • No student shall indulge in any of the following practices namely:
    a) disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property;
    b) smoking
    c) rowdyism and rude behaviour;
    d) use of violence in any form;
    e) use of obscene language and /or causing hurt to the modesty of others.
    f) Playing truant during classes is a serious offence.
    g) Students found possessing any reading, viewing or other materials of indecent nature are liable to rustication without notice
  • Students who break and damage school property will have to pay a fine along with the cost of repairs.
  • Students should not bring
    a) Valuables or money to school.
    b) Mobile phones, with or without Sim cards.
    c) CDs, walkmans, I-pods.
    d) Magazines, pictures or books/cassettes other than the prescribed textbooks, except when asked by the teacher.
    e) Fancy pencils, pens, erasers and pencil boxes. Any fancy stationery item will be confiscated, if brought.
    f) Crackers, lighters, explosives, match boxes, harmful instruments and other dangerous material to school.
  • Immediate expulsion and/or even rustication will follow if the continued presence of the defaulting student is damaging to the physical and moral well being of other students and of the school, or if the violation is punishable seriously at the Board level, such as unfair practice at the examination.
  • Before leaving the classroom students will pick up waste paper and any unwanted material from the floor and place it in the waste paper basket; will leave desks and chairs in proper arrangements; will switch off lights and fans; will close windows; in general the room will be left in a condition to be used again.


  • It is compulsory for all students to put in 75% attendance before any exam to be eligible to sit for the exam.
  • An absentee must on return to school produce an application addressed to the Principal duly explaining the cause of absence; failing to do so she/he will not be allowed to sit in the classroom.
  • No student suffering from an infectious or contagious disease is to be sent to school until the quarantine period is complete. This should also be indicated on Medical Certificate.
  • Students who have been sick should bring a medical certificate from their doctor on joining school.
  • No student will be exempted from physical exercise without a doctor’s certificate which must be renewed every month.
  • If a student remains absent for more than a week without any intimation, her/his name will be stuck off and re-admission granted only after depositing Rs. 500.
  • Students who are not absent or on leave for one full academic session will be entitled to a special award.
  • A student who arrives late will have to bring an explanatory note from the parent/guardian.
  • In case of long leave, an application must be sent to the Head of School. The discretion to grant leave lies with the Head.
  • Parents are requested not to apply for half day leave for their child. If for some urgent reason, a student needs to take half day leave, a written request giving the reason an time will need to be submitted by the parent. The discretion to grant leave lies with the Head of School. The student , if granted a leave, will be given attendance for half day only.


  • Girls’ hair, if longer than shoulder length, must be tied back, away from their faces with a white rubber band. Bleached/highlighted hair for girls is not acceptable.
  • Fancy and expensive accessories like earrings, chain, bangles and bracelets are not to be worn by students. Girls may not wear nose pins, make-up or nail polish to school.
  • Girls may sport only one pair of symmetrical earrings on the lobes of the ears; boys are not permitted to wear earrings.
  • Visible piercings of body parts of any kind or body art (tattoos) are not permitted.